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Like an inspired artist, paint your home with the glorious brush of nature. Softscaping your home involves taking the living elegant natural details of your property such as colorful flower beds, native shrubs and trees, and other growing horticultural elements and carefully cultivating them with aesthetics and purpose in mind. Softscaping involves more than having a clean lawn, it involves adding a little bit of unique character to your home that will grow in beauty with each passing year. Balance paved driveways and structures with the organic simplicity of nature and the environment. Add exquisite trees and colorful lively shrubs to give pizazz to a mundane landscape. Incorporate delightful blooms and exotic plants for extra splash. Choose the types of grasses that will thrive vibrantly in the soil. Showcase your own uniqueness with an endless variety of greenery and natural decor.

Embellish a plain lawn with just one of our intricate designs. There are many different elements to creating the perfect softscape. Choose the correct type of mulch to both add an extra layer of color and provide a rich bed for healthy plants. Do you want to plant fruit bearing trees that are indigenous to your environment, trees that provide much-needed shade and protection during inclement weather, or perhaps just short flowering shrubs that provide enough privacy without isolation from neighbors? Add delicate plants and blooms that will flourish in your environment. Design softscaping that both compliments your residence but also serves a more practical purpose like hiding less attractive aspects of your property or helping with water drainage. Don’t have time for extensive maintenance? Work with our team to create a customized charming but very practical design. Have problems growing plants successfully due to dry soil, water runoff, or poor sunlight? Work with our team to solve these common homeowner problems. Browse through our exciting photo gallery for inspiration for your horticultural design. We will work with you to create the perfect look that serves each and every need. Discover which types of plants and organic features will bring you and your family the type of happiness that comes from being surrounding by natural elegance.

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“ADG’s knowledge and experience was outstanding and exceeded our expectations. We are constantly asked by many interested people who did the work, and with great pride and pleasure we highly recommend ADG.”

“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with ADG, they care about customers, they listen; their number one goal is customer satisfaction. Our neighbors could not believe how friendly and respectful they were to the entire street.”

“In 2011, we contracted our backyard to a pool company that said they could handle the interlocking and landscaping. ADG came to the rescue by finishing our pool patio and landscaping in a timely and cost-efficient manner.”

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